How to sign up for a hike

To sign up for a hike, first look over our current schedule and pick a hike you'd like. Then phone or email the leader (information given at end of hike listing) and make a reservation. Payment can be made via cash or check and it will be collected by the hike leaders on the bus. Our bus is often fully reserved, so to avoid being placed on a waiting list it is a good idea to sign up early in the week. In any case try to sign up before 4:00 pm Friday afternoon before the hike. And please don't call leaders after 9:00 PM! That's all there is to it. But don't forget to show up!

If you do sign up it is a commitment to come because we'll be saving a seat for you on the bus. If you are a no show you are probably depriving someone else of a place on the hike. The empty seat means you are also depriving the club of revenue it needs to keep hiring buses for the hikes.

If you sign up but find you have to cancel, please make sure you cancel with the leader before 8:00 am, Saturday, before the hike, otherwise we will list you as a no show. We expect no shows pay the specified bus fare, either online, or by sending a check to our treasurer: Vicky Hsu.

Please e-mail Vicky to arrange Payment

Please note: We do not accept reservations via the contact form on this web site. Please telephone or email the leader to make your reservation.

If you come hiking with us, you may put your name on a list to receive weekly e-mails about upcoming hikes. E-mail addresses for leaders are supplied in these messages, which will allow you to sign up online.

If this is your first time hiking with us, it is club policy that you will take the moderate hike. This is in the interest of hiker safety and to avoid unexpected distress for hikers not experienced or fit enough to take the long hike.