Statement on COVID-19

Wanderbirds’ Hikes Canceled Until Further Notice

With evolving COVID-19 advisories we believe that for the safety of our hikers and our community we need to cancel Wanderbirds hikes for the foreseeable future. When the question was put to the Executive Committee (both current and future boards) the response was unanimous. We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume hiking as a club when it is safe to do so.

Thank you to all the Hike leaders and our Directors of Trails who scrambled to put together feasible car pool hikes on short notice. Thanks to the executive committee who worked on a variety of alternatives (such as no fee hikes so money wouldn't be handled, no snack hikes and alternative start times). In the true spirit of persistent hikers they consistently came up with alternatives and then alternatives to the alternatives, etc. But we now must do the prudent thing and not put people or the community at risk. Hope to see you all hiking soon.

Thanks for your patience and please stay safe,
Susan Whiteman
Wanderbirds President