Rules and regulations

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

A reservation made to the hike leader is a commitment to attend the hike. If you make a reservation and then must cancel, please do so before 8:00 am, Saturday, preceding the hike. All no-shows and cancellations made after that time are asked to pay the designated fare for the hike (see details here).


Hikers are responsible for their own safety, and must assume all risk and liability when hiking with the Wanderbirds. Club leaders and officers shall not be liable for any injuries, loss, or damage to persons or property arising from any hikes, activities, or travel by car or bus. Making a reservation or boarding the bus means that you accept this responsibility.


Membership dues are $20 per calendar year, which provides the quarterly schedule by mail or e-mail, and allows you to vote at membership meetings and attend members-only events. Please notify hike leader or Executive Secretary of any change of your home address. Membership is not required to hike with The Wanderbirds.

Park fees

For hikes beginning inside Shenandoah National Park, the Park Service collects an individual entrance fee of $10.00 per non-commercial bus passenger. This is separate from the Wanderbirds hike fee. Valid, signed, Interagency-Annual (IA-Annual), IA-Senior (formally Golden Eagle or Golden Age) and Shenandoah Annual passes are accepted for entry. Pass holders must have the pass and photo ID ready when entering the park. Pass-holders are allowed 3 guests. This rule typically allows the bus to enter the park without an additional fee.

Hike Restrictions

In the interest of hiker safety it is club policy that hikers new to the club will take the moderate hike. Hike leaders may refuse permission to hike with the Wanderbirds to persons whom they judge to be improperly equipped or whom they feel may be unable to undertake the hike because of health reasons.