Why paying for No-Shows is important

The Wanderbirds Hiking Club is not-for-profit and exists for the benefit of its members and hike participants.

Our fixed costs basically are bus rental and driver tip. In order to cover our costs, we need to fill our bus as often as possible. This means that we frequently have to put folks who try to reserve late in the week on a waiting list because the bus is fully booked.

If you have a reservation and are a no-show or cancel after 8 am Saturday you create a "double-whammy" situation:

  • You may keep someone on the waiting list from enjoying a hike, and
  • The empty seat on the bus means a revenue loss for the club.

This makes it difficult to maintain our low bus fares.

You can pay for your no-show or late cancellation online using PayPal or a credit card.
Please use the link below ONLY for paying no-show fees, not for paying bus fare or any other purpose.

Pay no-show fee online by clicking on the following link:

NOTE: If you want to use a credit card rather than PayPal, fill in the information under "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" below the PayPal login.

If you would rather pay by check, please mail your check, made out to Wanderbirds Hiking Club, to Vicky Hsu.

Please e-mail Vicky to arrange Payment